6 comments on “Stop squinting at word clouds in the hope of getting insights

  1. i use wordle to generate my word clouds and i use them in presentations.

    wordle allows you to filter out commonplace words that are very unlikely to lend insight like prespositions (to, a, the, etc).

    i don’t think of it as pure vizualisation, rather it helps stimulate discussions in presentations.

    • Yeah I can see where you are coming from. It does provide eye-candy and if it is a discussion starter that can lead to a deeper interpretation of other visualization methods then I think that makes sense.

    • Yeah I think your word clouds do look really nice. I guess I think it still feels more like “insight theater” rather than real insight. I think that looking at the frequency of terms from text is almost never a good way to analyze the content. There are much better text mining methods that work hard to parse meaning from text. For simple word frequency visualization I think there is not currently something that provides a quantitative view but is also beautiful. Challenge accepted!

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