4 comments on “There and back again, West LA to Westlake Village.

  1. Jesse!

    I love that you plotted out this data… excellent! That 405 outlier looks like it was a *super* fun day of driving. I don’t miss LA traffic, although it’s not any better up here. Looking forward to your statistical updates… (I’d expect some periodic trend anomalies with the upcoming holiday season…)

  2. Yeah as Prof. Boykin mentioned, probably I should take out the outlier until I Have better statistics. But I am more interested in the data than a really valid statistical analysis. Give me a few more months or so and then I will be able to say something. 🙂

  3. Hi there and thank you so much for this data. This is exactly what I was looking for as I am moving to Socal for a job in Westlake Village but want to live in the city. Thanks a bunch

  4. I am glad it gave you some information. I have a lot more data now and I will try to get it formatted and posted this weekend. It can be tough commute and understanding the traffic dynamics helps a lot.

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